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Crowning a prime spot at Ain Sokhna , neighboring the International Marina , Carnelia is imaginatively designed in harmony with nature to offer all residents unobscured sea views and a balanced lifestyle in sync with the eco system.

Stand before Carnelia and allow its majestic magnitude, rising 160 meters above sea level to break down Sokhna’s captivating beauty at zero ground level to introduce 3 exclusive, gated communities - seamlessly interconnected with ultra modern bridges and quality roads- reflecting an aesthetic union of function and form-. The destination’s core beauty lies in its prime location, opening onto infinite sea views and IL Galala’s International Marina, allowing its 1000 units to forge a direct, uninterrupted connection with nature, beaming with beauty in equal measure.

By harmonizing the living experience to balance vital ingredients such as nature, people, architecture and leisure, Carnelia offers a variety of fully-finished homes, all enjoying double private access and parking, but most importantly 360 degree sea views, thanks to its innovative levelling technique.

By transforming the dry mountain surroundings into a green breathing haven, Carnelia’s nature brims with captivating diversity to embrace a private sunny beach, 12,000 sqm of

swimmable lagoons, private plunge pools and manicured gardens lined with tranquil water features, transforming every day life into a holistic and integrated journey of contemporary peace.

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